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Paradise Nine is a small but fast growing organisation offering IT consultancy services to leading organisations, in the areas of business analysis, e-commerce, web application design and document management.  We work in the following industry sectors and areas of technical expertise.

financial services: corporate banking, retail banking, payment systems, fund management, asset management, life assurance and pension providers

industry and government: oil industry, manufacturing industry, local and central government

project management: project planning, cost estimation, project audits, interim management, troubleshooting

business analysis: requirements development, bridging business and technical areas, operational planning, risk analysis, cost benefit analysis, contingency planning 

web application development: application design and development, web site design and development, systems integration

corporate mergers: merger strategy, systems convergence, conversion planning 

document management: imaging and workflow application design and development, web content management

We have the ability to bridge business and technology issues.  We identify and develop business issues based on a deep understanding of technology.  We are energetic and enthusiastic.  We are London based, with an international delivery capability.

Paradise Nine Limited, 47 Hornsey Lane Gardens, Highgate, London N6 5NY, U.K.
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